Recent Scores:

Stephen recently scored the 32 part series "Math On Location", produced by The Futures Channel. This series explores many exciting careers that are accessible to young people with a working knowledge of math. With subjects ranging from building guitars to developing food for Mars missions the series takes students behind the scenes at work places across the country to meet individuals whose occupations are fun, exciting and important. The range of musical styles called for in the series was nearly as inspiring as the fact that the series will be an integrated part of the new Harcourt Education textbook series. (Math, grades 3 through 6)


  • Composer of original scores for 50+ PBS productions.
  • Recipient of 3 George Foster Peabody Awards. (composition)
  • Composing and arranging credits in feature films, TV network series & specials.
  • International studies in instrumental folk music. (W. Africa & Asia)
  • Nonesuch Explorer Series producer
  • Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist
  • CD's are available on apple I-tunes, CD Baby

Original Scores on PBS:

  • "Futures" with Jaime Escalante (series)
  • "Futures 2" (series)
  • "Living and Working in Space"
  • "Math, Who Needs It?!"
  • "Interactions" (series)
  • "Good Morning Miss Toliver"
  • "Digital Communication"
  • "The Eddie Files" (series)

Composition Studies with:

  • John Cage
  • Lucas Foss
  • Max Neuhaus
  • Charles Wuronien
  • Larry Austin
  • Isah Hamani